HuckLost in Hossegor: Pro-surfer Maud Le Car shares her guide to Basque France

“Eleven minutes to go with Maud Le Car up against Bailey Nagy,” comes the commentary from the judges’ tent. Anglet’s Plage de la Petite Chambre d’Amour is packed full with a home crowd. Photographers line the rock groyne, long lenses trained on the surf, whilst the groms suit up and stripe their faces with sun cream, keen to get in the water in exactly 660 seconds time.

Surf Europe – Beyrick Thulani De Vries – The White Zulu

“When I was born I was on the front page of the newspapers because my dad gave me a Zulu middle name, Thulani. Death threats were sent to my dad saying, ‘You might love the black man – but don’t be so savage and put this on your son.’ ”

Guardian Cities – How postwar Warsaw was rebuilt using 18th century paintings

It is August 1944 and the Polish resistance are in violent clashes with the Nazi forces that have occupied Warsaw. The resistance intend to liberate the city from what the Polish poet Czesław Miłosz has called the “dark, black and red world of Nazi occupation”.

The Atlantic –  Who Are Shipping Containers Really for Now?

In early 2000, architects Ada Tolla and Giuseppe Lignano went to the United Nations to discuss the possibility of using shipping containers as emergency shelters.

“Right away the response was that there is a stigma connected to the container, to trailers, and to cheap, quick solutions,” Tolla says. “They said that ‘you need to make it happen in the first world before you can propose it seriously.’”

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